Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This Will Be Awesome...or Really Gross

I'm up in the air about this one.  It's going to be really great...or really gross and terrible.

UPDATE: This was terrible. To benefit from this, your pores would need to be extremely clogged. It did pull out some gunk, but not in that area between your face and end of nose (you know, that awkward, inward, side nose curve area), just like the nose strips miss. Your goal would need to be to use this until your pores are fully unclogged, then tackle the pore reduction.

Speaking of pore size, I'm very upset to say that this actually seemed to put me back at square one with my Pore No More, Blue Sphere of Magic (as I enjoy calling it). I nearly panicked when I saw my nose after peeling this.

The site for it claims that the tube will last for dozens of applications. Just to do my nose and about one inch out onto my cheeks took at least 1/2 teaspoon. With a 3.4 oz tube, that is not dozens of applications. I'm thinking it would do your entire face maybe 1/2 dozen times. You need it to not have your skin showing through, which is surprisingly a lot of product.

I was so displeased with the product, I immediately emailed their customer service about it. This is something that I don't really do, unless the product (whatever type of product it might be) is terrible. Usually, I just throw it into my drawer of failed gunk that I'll no doubt try again later.

It could be just me, who knows. It has great reviews on Amazon , but I'm not liking it.

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