Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why Do I Stray?

Why is it that I have products that I go back to, over and over? Answer: Because they work! They do what they should and I'm just easily distracted by shiny, new bottles and tubes.

One of the lines of which I speak? Clinique's basic skin care:

I love these products! They're not too ridiculously priced, there aren't a ton of steps or directions, and they tingle. They make this line for EVERY skin type (I don't know if they all tingle, but I've heard great things about the others) and they do it fabulously. So why do I stray? Because I sometimes need something specific (Ex eye cream, pore reducer, skin firming/tightening...), then I think "Hey! There's an entire line that goes with that! Buy it!". Then I read the reviews on Sephora. Just an FYI, almost everyone LOVES everything that they purchase from there. So read the negative reviews to see the "cons". A lot of those five star reviews are from people who tried samples. Do you know what you can tell from 1-3 days worth of product? That's right, nothing. This is how I end up with one of everything. While my rational brain knows not to buy something because the package is a beautiful shade of blue, my impulse control fails.

The moral of the story? I need to stay away from Sephora...or someone to cut up my credit cards...or I need some self control. Any of those things would make my shelf space a lot less congested!